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The French Riviera & Monaco

Côte d'Azur embarking in Monaco

a 7-days yacht charter itinerary to discover the French Riviera from the sea on a Yacht. Visiting MONACO, CAP D'AIL AND BEAULIEU SUR MER, CAP FERRAT, VILLEFRANCHE SUR MER, CAP d'ANTIBES/JUAN LES PINS, CANNES AND LERINS ISLANDS, SAINT-TROPEZ. Embarking and disembarking in Monaco. 


Day - 1


Welcome to the captivating enclave of Monaco, where your journey begins as you settle in aboard your vessel. From there, embark on a voyage of exploration, meandering through the enchanting marina and venturing to discover the palace, the alluring casino, designer boutiques filled with luxury, exclusive dining establishments, and a myriad of other treasures that await your discovery.

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Day - 2

Cap d'Ail and Beaulieu sur mer

Located between Nice and Monaco, Cap d'Ail offers an array of experiences. Enjoy its beautiful beaches, savor local cuisine at outstanding restaurants, and engage in diverse outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving, tennis, hiking, and mountain biking. If a more relaxed pace suits you, explore cultural attractions such as theaters, exhibitions, or concerts. After your adventures in Cap d'Ail, head to Beaulieu sur Mer to discover more of the stunning coastline.

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Day - 3

Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat

Your charter today takes you to Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, a truly exceptional destination that ranks among the most picturesque spots on the Mediterranean coast. This enchanting locale offers a wealth of experiences, including the opportunity to traverse its many splendid hiking trails. Along its miles of stunning beaches, you can partake in a variety of water sports, immersing yourself in aquatic adventures. Additionally, the summer season is enlivened with an array of cultural events that promise to enhance your exploration of this remarkable place.

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Day - 4

Villefranche sur mer

Step ashore in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, where the picturesque coastline is adorned with elegant beachfront establishments. These restaurants and bars present diners with sweeping views of the nearby hills, creating an idyllic backdrop for your dining experience. The charming Old Town cascades gracefully down the hillside to meet the sea, and the bay's expansive, one-kilometer sandy beach remains abuzz with activity throughout the seasons. This medieval port town boasts a rich history dating back over seven centuries, once perched in the hills as the bay below was known for its pirate activity. Villefranche-Sur-Mer is a place where history, beauty, and coastal allure converge to create a captivating destination.

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Day - 5

Cap d'Antibes

Antibes, with its bustling port, well-preserved 16th-century ramparts, and winding cobblestone streets adorned with vibrant blooms, has charmed visitors for generations. It's easy to understand why this town has maintained its popularity throughout the years. From your yacht or the series of expansive beaches to the south of the town, you'll enjoy the perfect vantage point to savor the stunning coastal vistas. Venture beyond the city's boundaries to discover the enchanting Cap d'Antibes, a lush wooded cape speckled with seaside mansions and picturesque walking trails. For a change of scene, the chic resort of Juan-les-Pins awaits, celebrated for its extensive sandy beaches and a seafront promenade dotted with enticing restaurants and boutique shops. In the town's inland labyrinth of cobbled streets, you'll uncover cocktail bars and nightclubs, while the pine-fringed Jardin de La Pinède park plays host to the lively Jazz à Juan festival during the summer months.

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Day - 6

Cannes and Lérins Islands

At the serene marina of Porto Canto in Cannes, you're invited to embrace the art of relaxation at chic cafés and indulge in rejuvenation at exclusive spas. As the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, your evening unfolds with a wealth of choices, including award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants and glamorous casinos, ensuring an unforgettable night in this coastal haven. A short distance from Cannes, you'll discover the Lerins Islands, nestled in a breathtaking natural landscape. These islands offer a harmonious blend of diverse flora and fauna, and their intriguing history weaves together the enigma of the Man in the Iron Mask with the tranquil presence of Cistercian monks, making it an unparalleled destination.

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Day - 7


St. Tropez, a name synonymous with luxury and opulence, beckons with its delightful assortment of chic cafes, bars, and restaurants. As you wander through the enchanting Port de St. Tropez and bask in the beauty of its sun-kissed beaches, the stage is set for a grand finale. In the evening, venture out to experience the town's glamorous nightlife, creating lasting memories on your concluding day of this splendid charter.

Your charter comes to an end, disembarking will be in Monaco.

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