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Leeward Islands

Quick Escape to the Leeward Islands!

Situated between Puerto Rico and Dominica, the Leeward Islands form a captivating archipelago that offers a diverse and unique experience for those embarking on a private yacht cruise or luxury charter in the Caribbean. Each island possesses its own distinct character, creating an ideal playground for those seeking an exclusive nautical adventure. On one side, these islands confront the mighty Atlantic, while on the other, the tranquil waters of the Caribbean gently embrace their shores.


The ensemble comprises St Martin, the super-chic St Barth, the historically rich Antigua, and the lush landscapes of St Kitts and Nevis. This seven-day itinerary promises a whirlwind of non-stop action, where you may find yourself atop Shirley Heights, gazing over Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua one day, and leisurely exploring the waters surrounding St Kitts and Nevis the next. It's a perfect blend of everything and nothing, ensuring a balanced mix of excitement and relaxation throughout your Caribbean odyssey.

Day - 1

St. Martin

St Martin, boasting numerous superyacht marinas and convenient international flights, serves as the logical starting point for a charter in the Leeward Islands.


Upon arrival, seamlessly settle into the comfort of your yacht. Depending on your arrival time, consider a visit to Orient Bay, acclaimed as one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. Absorb the sun and sea, perhaps indulging in watersports or simply relishing the idyllic surroundings.


As the day unfolds, catch a taxi to the Sunset Beach Bar, strategically located at the end of the airport runway. Princess Juliana International Airport is renowned for having one of the world's most scenic runways, with planes skimming over the beach upon landing. Take in this mesmerizing spectacle, and when you've had your fill of watching planes and sunsets, return to your yacht to discover the culinary delights the chef has crafted for your evening meal.

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Day - 2

Anguilla & Scilly Cay

Following a leisurely breakfast, cruise north to Anguilla. With a brief journey of barely 15 miles, you'll arrive in Anguilla well in time for lunch. Drop anchor in Sandy Ground and contemplate the best way to reach Scilly Cay for your midday meal—whether by sea or by land.


Scilly Cay, an Anguilla tradition, hosts a restaurant on a petite cay in the heart of Island Harbour Bay, renowned for its lobster specialties. However, navigating the reefs surrounding the cay can be challenging for those unfamiliar with these waters. If a crew member is adept at maneuvering a tender, that's ideal. Otherwise, catch a taxi to Island Harbour, stand on the beach, and energetically wave until Scilly Cay sends their boats to collect you.


Allow the remainder of the afternoon to unfold in bliss as you sip fantastic rum cocktails and indulge in delectable barbecued lobster on a tiny island adorned with white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. Can it truly get any better than this?

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Day - 3

St. Barth

Departing from Anguilla, cruise south, passing St Martin and heading for St Barth—a Caribbean island synonymous with exclusivity. St Barth exudes serious chic, attracting the rich and famous to its shores for decades.


Gustavia, positioned on the west coast, serves as the main port with excellent facilities tailored for superyachts. Onshore, the ambiance is distinctly French, reflected in the boutiques like Cartier that line the streets. Take leisurely hours to stroll, shop, and enjoy cafe culture, immersing yourself in the delightful rhythm of life.


Yet, the true allure of St Barth lies in its pristine white sandy beaches. Explore the island's circumference in the tender, covering approximately 15 miles, and stop at any of the 32 gorgeous beaches that capture your fancy. As the evening unfolds, elevate the experience by booking a table at the acclaimed Eden Rock or Bonito Restaurant for a truly special dinner, ensuring a perfect finale to your day in this exclusive Caribbean haven.

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Day - 4


Departing from St Barth, chart a southeast course toward Antigua. As the inky blue Caribbean Sea glides beneath your yacht, take advantage of the journey by settling down somewhere with a good book for the few hours ahead.


Antigua should come into view shortly after lunch, and if possible, aim to moor up in Nelson's Dockyard—a stunningly picturesque and historical location. If access to Nelson's Dockyard is not feasible, Falmouth Harbour in the next bay offers excellent facilities for superyachts.


Spend the afternoon exploring Nelson's Dockyard on foot, and perhaps take a walk to Fort Berkeley, offering fantastic views of the sea and back over Galleon Beach and English Harbour. In the evening, relax on deck with a generous rum cocktail and relish the Calypso music drifting down from the nightly party up on Shirley's Heights—a perfect way to cap off your day in the captivating and historically rich Antigua.

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Day - 5

St Kitts & Nevis

After breakfast, take one last enchanting stroll around this amazing dockyard in Antigua before heading northwest towards Nevis and St Kitts. These two islands boast lush green landscapes, and their relatively untouched beaches have spared them from the full force of the tourist boom. However, with the opening of Christophe Harbour superyacht marina, an increasing number of superyachts are discovering the allure of these islands, resulting in a record superyacht season last year.


For those seeking the Caribbean's authentic charm, unaltered by the influence of the US mainland, this is the perfect destination. You won't find duty-free shopping centers; instead, you'll discover a tranquil Caribbean island that has remained relatively unchanged for the past 50 years. Take the tender ashore, grab a taxi, and explore the interior of St Kitts for a genuine Caribbean experience.


While your options for "fine dining" might be limited, request the chef on your yacht to pull out all the stops in the evening, ensuring a memorable and delightful culinary experience amid the laid-back charm of St Kitts and Nevis.

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Day - 6

St. Martin

From St Kitts, you are only a few hours away from your disembarking point back in St Martin. Anchor off the coast of St Martin to enjoy the morning aboard the yacht, using watersports, snorkeling, etc. before disembarking in St Martin.

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