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How do I book a Yacht with Bluebnc?

One of our Yacht Charter advisors will guide you through to process to find the perfect Yacht for you, your friends and your family that is available on your desired dates and location. Your advisor will then formalise the charter contract that will have to be signed between the lead charterer or co-lead charterers (the person paying for the charter), the yacht owner, the management company and Bluebnc. This contract will typically require the lead charterer to pay a deposit (30 to 50% depending on the Yacht, dates and location) and the full charter fee to be paid before embarking, and it will as well include any fees or extras to be paid as well as the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance).Once the charter contract has been signed, you will receive the preference sheet that our team will request you to fill in. This preference sheet will tell us what you, your friends and family like, don´t like, what you celebrate, expect or desire so our team and your crew can make your yacht charter experience one to remembe.

What is the minimum duration of a charter?

The minimum duration required of the Charter will depend on its location and Yacht size: Miami & Florida: Yachts can be made available from as little as 4 hours to term (more than one day) or week charters. Caribbean: Yachts will typically only be available for term or week charters. Mediterranean: Depending on size, Yachts can be made available from as little as a day to more than a week or even months. Superyachts are generally only made available for a week charter or more; however, on some occasions, they can be booked for shorter periods, especially in the low season.

When is my payment collected? Is it refundable?

Once you confirm your reservation, your assigned broker will request your payment.

If you are booking for a single day and your reservation is confirmed more than 7 days in advance, a deposit of 50% or $1,000 in the US or € 1,000 in Europe (whichever is greater) of the total cost of the reservation will be rquired in order to confirm the booking and hold the yacht. Once your embarkation date is 7 days away, the outstanding payment will be requested.

If you are booking a single day charter and your reservation is made 7 days or less in advance, the total price of your reservation will be required to confirm your booking.

If you are booking for a multi-day/week charter and you confirm your reservation more than 30 days in advance, a deposit of 50% of the charter fee will be required immediately in order to confirm your reservation and hold the yacht for the dates requested. Once your embarkation date is 30 days away, the remaining 50% of the charter fee + APA + all expenses will be requested.

Terms of refunds are dictated by the Charter Agreement. Generally, once a payment is collected, it is non-refundable. In certain circumstances, as dictated by the Charter Agreement, credits can be provided for you to be able to enjoy your yacht charter at a future date when is convenient for you and the yacht available.

[The booking cannot be guaranteed or confirmed until the required payment has been processed.]

What is the APA?

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is a payment collected in advance credited to the Yacht's account prior to boarding the Yacht in order to fund estimated boarding costs and will be used to cover the costs of yacht preparation, requested supplies, port, mooring and other legal charges and fees, diesel and fuel, communications, crew gratuities, extras depending on guest particular request for services, itinerary, food, beverages etc.

In case the APA is not entirely used at the end of the charter, the remaining part will be given as a tip to the crew unless requested per the charterer. In case the spending exceeds the APA, guests will be asked to provide additional funds prior to disembarking.

Do I pay gratuity? (How do I tip the crew?)

Mediterranean and Caribbean:

- While it is at entirely at your discretion, it is customary to tip the Captain and crew at the conclusion of a charter for excellent care and service. As a guide, a gratuity of 10-15% of the base charter fee is considered fair, while exceptional service and attention to detail can warrant a tip of 20% or more, but always at your discretion.

US Waters:

- On US charters, bluebnc automatically includes a customary gratuity charge of 15% of the charter fee. This is given directly to the captain and crew of every charter. If you received excellent service and would like to show your appreciation with additional gratuity, you are welcome to pay the captain at the end of your charter. The captain will split any additional gratuity equally amongst the crew.

Why should I use a Bluebnc broker when chartering a Yacht?

As the ultimate luxury holiday, a yacht charter should be designed uniquely to your needs and preferences.

Our Yacht charter Advisors will be able to understand what type of experience you expect and will use the Bluebnc network to locate the perfect yacht for you.

Our Yacht charter advisors will provide you with their local knowledge, and work with the captain to advise and design the most desirable itinerary for you and your loved ones. Should you have any questions, your charter advisor will be always available to answer any questions throughout the whole process.

Why do I have to pay Taxes?

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a tax levied by the relevant tax authority of the country/locality where the charter starts.

Since chartering a yacht is seen as providing a service, VAT or Sales tax is due on the charter fee.

The rates of the taxes will vary depending on the itinerary itself, with reduced rates being applied if the itinerary takes the yacht to international waters or across borders.

Contact one of our charter experts for more information.

How does the chef or the crew know our likes and dislikes?

Fine dining is often the highlight of any charter and your yacht’s chef will customize this.

Prior to your Yacht charter we will ask you to complete our Preference sheet noting your culinary preferences or any special dietary requirements, beverages, newspapers, flowers or other special requests.

Details on any medical issues, allergies and special occasions can be noted. We encourage you to divulge as much information as possible to give the crew a detailed understanding before you step on board.

What is included in the Charter Fee?

The charter fee includes the yacht rental, the captain and crew hire, in Miami fuel for cruising within the local area (on day charters) and any included toys and extras.

At bluebnc, when booking we like to give a final price inclusive of the charter fee, customary gratuity (in the USA), and taxes in order to provide a clear all-inclusive price point with no hidden fees.

On US charters, day charters are usually “all-inclusive” and term (multi-day) charters are usually """" + ALL EXPENSES"""". On the Mediterranean sea, day charters and term/week charters are usually """"+ ALL EXPENSES"""".""

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Absolutely, it is permitted and we encourage our guests to bring any food or drinks they like aboard.

We can also provide a catering menu upon request if you would like us to deliver your order to the yacht before your arrival.

Another option is to request to have a Chef on board for an extra fee. He will then be in charge of all your culinary needs during the charter. An APA is required in this instance in order for the chef and the crew to purchase and bring to the yacht the provisions as specified on the Preference Sheet provided

What should I bring on board?

We recommend packing light, all the essentials will be waiting on board (Towels, bottled water etc). We recommend you to pack your bathing suit, boating shoes or comfortable shoes, sunglasses, suncream etc.

If you have something specific you’d like to bring, feel free.

If you’re planning to visit any islands outside of your home country, please remember to bring your passport and visas (if required).

If you are boating in American waters and not an American national, please remember to bring your passport with you. It is required by law and in the event you encounter the US Coast Guard, they will ask you to show it immediately.

If you are a US national, then you’ll need to have a valid driver's license or any other government issued ID.

If anyone in your party is prone to seasickness, over the counter medications or prescriptions may be a good idea.

Soft sided luggage is recommended as it usually fits in cabin compartments and is gentle on woodwork and paint.

What if I want to cancel my charter?

Cancellations are generally not permitted.

Exceptions include hurricanes/extreme weather (when warning is issued by local authorities or agreed by the Yacht owner), and when the yacht becomes unavailable due to new ownership or mechanical failure.

What is the maximum amount of people that can be on board?

US Charters:

- Day Charter: Per coast guard regulation, the maximum capacity on any yacht regardless of size is the charterer plus a maximum of 12 guests (total of 13 people). This only applies while the yacht is moving or with the engine on.

- Term Charter: On term charters the maximum is the overnight guests of the yacht. Usually a yacht can accommodate 2 guests per stateroom.

Mediterranean charters:

- Day Charters: Normally up to 12 guest, but depending on the boat/Yacht you might be only allowed to be up to 10 or 11 guest + Captain.

- Week charters or long weekends: The maximum overnight guests of the Yacht.

Are pets allowed aboard?

In most cases, pets are not permitted aboard for health and safety concerns, and sea travel can cause extreme discomfort to animals.

Pet policy can vary significantly depending on the yacht. If you must be accompanied by your pet while on board for any reason, we kindly ask that you check with your Bluebnc charter advisor for your chosen yacht's pet policy.

Can we eat at waterfront restaurants?

One of the highlight's of a yacht charter experience is to enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants accessible from the water.

However, there are limitations that may apply due to limited space for docking and the size of the yacht that can be accommodated.

We recommend to communicate with your Bluebnc yacht advisor in order to make reservations and requesting dock space in advance, if possible.

Docking charges may apply and will be paid by the charterer upon arrival.

Will my cell phone get a signal on board?

When cruising near land you will usually be able to pick up a good signal from the boat.

In some remote locations the phone signal can become very weak. If you are expecting important phone calls, make sure you let the captain know in order to avoid areas with low signal.

Are there any age restrictions to be on board?

No, though some properties in destinations available on term charters have minimum age restrictions of 16 years old.

In rare occasions, some vessels may have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old.

If you have any children we will kindly ask you to let us know in order to ensure suitable safety equipment is supplied.

Can we fish on the charter?

In the USA sport fishing is usually allowed on board (catch and release), but it depends on the specific policy of the boat.

Some boat owners do not permit fishing at all.

In the Mediterranean, fishing is generally not allowed unless specified otherwise.

We recommend consulting with your Bluebnc yacht charter advisor in order to arrange this activity in advance to be provided with fishing rods and bait on the boats where fishing is allowed.

Can I cook my own food on the yacht?

USA: Lots of yachts have a BBQ grill on deck, we encourage guests to bring their supplies if they want to cook on the BBQ grill on the yacht.

On yachts without a BBQ grill, the galley can be used on most yachts. Certain yachts may require a Chef on board to work the galley.

Please consult with your yacht charter advisor to confirm if the kitchen can be used in the case there is not BBQ available on board.

What is required for a yacht charter vacation?

Passports, and Visas if required from your country of origin and the countries you travel through and where your cruise is taking place.

Valid passports are now also required for all US Citizens coming into the Caribbean.

Can I wear shoes on board?

Wearing shoes on board is generally never allowed unless you have a specific pair of shoes, with white sole and are only worn on the charter yacht.

We recommend packing flip-flops for your shore visits and maybe also a pair of wet shoes for climbing over rocks and in the water.

How can I be reached in an emergency?

Most yachts offer guest cell phones; Wi-Fi and larger charter yachts even offer satellite phones. Extra charges may apply on these services.

What water sports can I do while on a charter vacation?

Water sports are a huge part of the yacht charter experience! Enjoy activities such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, Paddling, Kayaking, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Water skiing, fishing, Jet-Skiing or simply enjoying the water on a floating island or mat, under the sun and with a drink in hand. Most yachts offer some combination of these, and some offer all of these and more! Speak with your Bluebnc charter advisor to make sure your favorite water toys are included in the yacht of your choosing.

What is the cost of chartering a yacht in Miami?

A yacht charter in Miami starts at $2.500 per half-day and $4,000 per full day. For the most high-end charters, starting prices range from $6,000 up to more than $12,000 per day, depending on the size and quality of the yacht. Week charters start at $30,000 plus all expenses.

What is the cost of chartering a yacht in Mallorca or Ibiza?

A day charter in Mallorca or Ibiza starts at around 2.000€ per full day, including TAXES and crew. For more exclusive yachts, prices start at 5.000€ per day, inclusive of taxes and crew. Week charters start at 30.000€ plus all expenses.


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