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Balearic Islands

East coast of Mallorca and Menorca (7 days)

Embark on a week-long yacht charter from Palma de Mallorca to Menorca, where you can uncover the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. Explore the remarkably preserved Cabrera to marvel at the pristine beauty of the islands, while the distinctive Ciutadella invites you to delve into its rich history and culture.

Day - 1

Day 1 Cabrera

Start your journey cruising from the capital of the Balearic Islands, the stunning and historic Palma de Mallorca to the island of Cabrera, possibly the best preserved marine area on any of the Spanish coastlines, Cabrera offers a quiet escape from nearby ports and fishing villages. Hike to the lighthouse for scenic views, explore Castillo de Cabrera, or simply relax in the calm turquoise waters of the island..

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Day - 2

Day 2 Mahon

Upon reaching Mahon, the capital city of Menorca, you'll be welcomed by a charming mosaic of terracotta-colored houses. The city offers a plethora of engaging activities, from exploring a historic fort and visiting numerous museums and galleries to touring a gin factory. Take a day to meander through the vibrant streets, soaking in the lively atmosphere, and conclude your exploration by relaxing in one of the many bars and restaurants along the picturesque waterfront.






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Day - 3

Day 3 Fornells

On the third day, your journey unfolds with a scenic sail around the enchanting island of Menorca, passing the picturesque Parque Natural de s'Albufera des Grau before arriving at the charming village of Fornells. The white-washed structures of the port create a striking contrast against the deep blue ocean, beckoning you to explore the inviting cafes and shops that thrive in this coastal town.

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Day - 4

Day 4 Ciutadella

Renowned for its vibrant fiesta-style nightlife, Ciutadella stands out as a unique and entertaining destination waiting to be explored. The town boasts Italian-inspired architecture, framing the grandeur of Palacio Salort. Whether wandering through the lively old town or relaxing on its stunning beaches, Ciutadella offers a diverse range of daytime activities for every taste. As the sun sets, immerse yourself in the celebrated Spanish hospitality and nightlife, creating unforgettable memories in this lively and enchanting setting.

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Day - 5

Day 5 Porto Colom

Enjoy a longer sail to the wide natural harbour of Porto Colom back in Mallorca. This picturesque village is known for its locally caught seafood and the famous Plá I Levant wine with roots dating back to the Roman Empire, it's a must-visit for food and wine enthusiasts.






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Day - 6

Day 6 Es Trenc

Before concluding your journey back to Palma de Mallorca, savor the tranquility of the unspoiled Es Trenc beach. Seize this final opportunity to bask in the warm Spanish sunshine on its pristine white sands, or take a refreshing dip in the inviting waters. Enhance your beach experience with the available water toys, ensuring a playful and enjoyable conclusion to your coastal retreat.






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Day - 7

Day 7 Palma de Mallorca

Commence your final morning on the yacht with a leisurely breakfast, savoring the last moments at the yacht. Afterwards, explore the iconic Cathedral de Santa Maria de Mallorca. Return to the yacht, gather your belongings, and bid a fond farewell to your lovely crew. This marks the conclusion of your adventure, leaving you with cherished memories of both the open sea and the cultural wonders ashore.

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