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The Bahamas

Exumas Week Escapade Atlantis-Atlantis

The Exumas epitomize the essence of Bahamian life, offering a comprehensive overview of this extraordinary cruising destination. Spanning 365 islands, cays, and islets, this archipelago invites you to embark on a captivating island-hopping adventure, presenting a fresh and unique location for every day of the year. Within the Exumas, you'll encounter some of the most renowned destinations in the Bahamas, such as Warderick Wells, Compass Cay, and Shroud Cay.


Immersed in the region's pristine and tranquil shallow waters, enthusiasts of water sports will find an ideal playground. Those seeking underwater excitement will not be disappointed either; Staniel Cay is home to the renowned Thunderball Grotto. Beyond aquatic adventures, the Exumas offer a diverse range of activities, including coastal explorations, visits to historical ruins, fishing escapades, beachfront dining, and, of course, the unmissable experience of interacting with charming swimming pigs. This archipelago promises a multifaceted and unforgettable journey for those eager to explore its wonders.

Day - 1


Embark on your yacht adventure as you set sail from Atlantis Marina, nestled within the expansive Atlantis Hotel and Resort on Paradise Island in Nassau. Upon boarding, take a moment to explore your luxurious accommodation, where comfort and elegance await. The skilled chef onboard will tantalize your taste buds with delightful refreshments, setting the tone for a memorable journey. Expect a warm welcome from the attentive crew, ensuring your voyage begins on a gracious note.


Atlantis Marina, an integral part of the renowned Atlantis Hotel and Resort, stands out as one of the premier marinas in the Bahamas. Renowned for its opulent amenities and top-notch facilities, it provides a fitting starting point for your nautical adventure.


While anchored at Atlantis Marina, you have the option to extend your stay and indulge in the resort's plethora of attractions. Whether it's before or after your charter, the Atlantis Hotel beckons with its enticing array of fine dining restaurants, a rejuvenating spa, inviting pools, a thrilling water park, well-manicured golf courses, and a lively casino. Make the most of your time ashore, immersing yourself in the luxury and leisure that the Atlantis Resort has to offer, adding an extra layer of indulgence to your yachting experience.

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Day - 2

Shroud Cay

This petite archipelago, adorned with cays and rocky outcrops, encircles a serene tidal mangrove. Within its shelter, a thriving ecosystem is home to sea turtles, lobsters, and an array of vibrant tropical fish. For those with an adventurous spirit, exploring the shallow tidal creek to the north is a possibility, but caution is advised due to its remarkably shallow depth – making it best suited for a kayak expedition.


A notable attraction on Shroud Cay is Camp Driftwood, and ascending to the hilltop site offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this locale, where the delicate balance of marine life and picturesque landscapes creates a tranquil haven for nature enthusiasts. Whether paddling along the mangrove's waterways or soaking in the scenery from the elevated vantage point, Shroud Cay promises a unique and immersive experience for those seeking to connect with the coastal wonders of the Bahamas.

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Day - 3

Twin Cay

Viewed from above, the diminutive Twin Cays resembles the gracefully outspread wings of a butterfly. Nestled at its heart is an artfully arranged setup, designed to cater to all the amenities one might desire for a day of luxurious 'shipwrecked' indulgence. This exclusive enclave boasts a fully-equipped bar, a barbecue station, a state-of-the-art speaker system, a stylish dining table, comfortable lounge chairs, and, remarkably, Wi-Fi connectivity.


As you step ashore, the island welcomes up to 12 guests, and we highly recommend including the yacht's chef among them to elevate your culinary experience. Embrace the unique charm of Twin Cays, where the carefully crafted amenities harmonize with the natural beauty of the surroundings, offering a perfect blend of luxury and serenity for an unforgettable day in this enchanting haven.

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Day - 4

Sandy Cay

Sandy Cay, a petite island, boasts a picturesque cove and a breathtaking sandbar. In the rare event that no other yachts grace the surroundings, our tenders will gracefully make their way to the shore in the early morning. There, they will set the stage for a blissful beach day, ensuring exclusive access for you to revel in the island's charms.


Indulge in sun-soaked relaxation on the comfortable loungers, explore the waters with our array of water toys, or immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world through swimming and snorkeling to your heart's content. As the day unfolds, a splendid barbecue will be prepared, creating a delectable feast for the occupants of the two vessels and their crews. Sandy Cay promises a tranquil and luxurious escape, offering the perfect blend of natural beauty and curated amenities for an idyllic day in this secluded paradise.

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Day - 5

Soldier Cay

Nestled at the periphery of the Great Bahama Bank, Soldier Cay unfolds as a serene haven. This tranquil spot is tailor-made for beach barbecues, water sports enthusiasts, and those seeking the perfect vantage point for sunset appreciation. Immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of Soldier Cay, where the gentle lapping of waves provides a soothing soundtrack to moments of relaxation and recreation. Whether you're drawn to the allure of beachside barbecues, eager to partake in invigorating water sports, or simply yearning for a front-row seat to witness the breathtaking sunset, Soldier Cay offers an idyllic setting for a memorable coastal experience.

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Day - 6

Norman's Cay

Norman's Cay beckons with a unique historical attraction – the remnants of a DC-3 plane that met its fate in the 1980s. A renowned sight, familiar to every Instagram user, the wreckage lies in a mere three feet of water, making it easily accessible even for novice snorkelers. Explore this captivating underwater tableau and witness a piece of history beneath the crystal-clear waters.


For scuba diving enthusiasts within your charter group, a journey to Dead Head Wall awaits. This splendid wall dive plunges to a depth of 70 feet, offering a mesmerizing underwater experience. The vibrant marine life and the fascinating underwater topography make it an unforgettable adventure for seasoned scuba divers.


Should you desire a delightful meal ashore, consider the Norman's Cay Beach Club at MacDuff's. This charming establishment provides a picturesque setting for lunch or dinner, allowing you to savor not only the culinary delights but also the natural beauty that surrounds Norman's Cay. Dive into history, explore the depths, and indulge in exquisite dining experiences on this captivating island.

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Day - 7

Athol Island / Atlantis

Situated just under a mile east of Paradise Island, this uninhabited gem is a vital component of the National Marine Park. The protected status of this area enhances the allure of its surrounding waters, making it a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts. Of particular interest is the sunken wreckage of the 212-foot Mahoney steamship, an attraction that captivates both snorkelers and scuba divers alike. Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life and explore the underwater wonders, as this island, nestled within the National Marine Park, offers a pristine environment for aquatic enthusiasts to revel in the beauty of the sea.

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