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Explore the Emerald Coast from Porto Rotondo to La Maddalena.

Discover the unique Emerals coast chartering a yacht and explorig the following spots: Porto Rotondo, Cala Di Luna, Cagliari, Southwest coast of Sardinia, Alghero and La Maddalena.

Day - 1

Day 1 - Porto Rotondo

Commence your Sardinia yacht charter along the stunning Emerald Coast, embarking in Porto Rotondo. As a favored heaven for superyachts during the summer months, this elegant resort town exudes a serene ambiance, distinguishing itself from its livelier neighbor, Porto Cervo.

Whether you choose to inaugurate your journey with leisurely moments on one of the numerous beaches or opt for an exploration of the nearby Bay of Aranci and the enchanting island of Figarolo, your first day of charter will make you experience the unique feeling of a luxury yacht charter.

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Day - 2

Day 2 - Cala di Luna

Continuing your southward charter along the coastline, a myriad of enchanting coves and beachfront beckon, offering idyllic anchorages.

Today presents a selection of exquisite beaches for your consideration, including Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Luna, Cala Fuili, and Cala Cartoe. At the heart of Sardinia's east coast lies Cala Di Luna, nestled in the Gulf of Orosei. It boasts a unique charm with its limestone cliffs housing deep caves, providing a sheltered haven from the winds. Opting for this as your primary anchorage is highly recommended.

Accessibly only by sea or a 4 km hike, Cala Di Luna maintains its tranquil ambiance, offering golden sands and breathtaking beauty. Delight in an al fresco lunch aboard, surrounded by the awe-inspiring scenery, and devote your afternoon to snorkeling in the crystalline waters.

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Day - 3

Day 3 - Cagliari

On your third day of charter in Sardinia, immerse yourself in the island's capital, Cagliari, for a day of exploration through its vibrant and historic districts.

Commence your day with a coffee in the lively and colorful Piazza Yenne in the Stampede District. Navigate the winding streets of Catello to witness the iconic Bastione di Saint Remy and absorb the cultural richness.

Following your cultural excursion, descend to the serene Villanova District for a leisurely shopping experience. Secure a reservation at Niu restaurant for a sumptuous and refined dining experience. Conclude your afternoon back in the marina, taking a stroll along the promenade with captivating views of the Mediterranean.

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Day - 4

Day 4 - Isola di San Pietro

Embark on a southwest coastal charter, unveiling the  Sardinia's natural landscapes, historical remnants, and pristine beaches.

Explore the untamed scenery of Costa Verde and the cliff-embraced coves of the Iglesiente along the coast. Venture inland to discover the museums of Iglesias and the UNESCO-listed Nuraghe Su Nuraxi in Marmilla, providing insights into the island's ancient history.

Offshore, the remote islets of Isola di San Pietro and Isola di Sant’Antioco beckon with their unique and tropical settings, adding a touch of exclusivity to your Sardinian experience. Abundant anchorages for your motor yacht ensure a delightful journey for you and your guests.

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Day - 5

Day 5 - Alghero

Charter northwest to the enchanting medieval town of Alghero.

Once under Spanish rule, Alghero maintains a distinct Spanish charm evident in its architecture and renowned cuisine. Don't miss the captivating Riviera del Corallo, home to the intricate cave network of Capo Caccia - Grotta di Nettuno, a must-visit Sardinian attraction.

For dinner, explore the myriad coastal bars and restaurants. For a more sensational and indulgent experience, secure a table at Al Tuguri, adding a touch of culinary excellence to your Sardinian sojourn.

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Day - 6

Day 6 - La Maddalena

Concluding your luxury yacht charter, your final destination is the captivating La Maddalena Island.

Accessible solely by boat, it serves as the main hub in an archipelago comprising seven large islands and 55 petite isolotti. Immerse yourself in the untouched landscapes, and island-hop, and engage with the amiable locals—a splendid conclusion to your journey.

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Day - 7

Day 7 - Back to Porto Rotondo

Enjoy a last nice breakfast onboard and prepare yourselfe to disembark back in Porto Rotondo.

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