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Balearic Islands

Discover Mallorca and Menorca during a 10 days yacht charter

Embark on your yacht charter in Palma and explore Mallorca and Menorca and their best spots: Palma, Sa Dragonera, Pollença, Ciutadella, S'Albufera des Grau, Mahon, Cala Ratjada, Calas de Mallorca.

Day - 1

Day 1 - Palma

Upon arriving in Palma, you'll promptly board your chosen luxury charter yacht. Take the opportunity to meet your crew, embark on a comprehensive tour of your yacht, and celebrate the beginning of your charter as the anchor is raised. While there's ample time to unpack and settle in, the Balearics' treasures beckon. Your 10-day Spanish escapade commences with beach parties and lively games of beach volleyball, setting the tone for a holiday filled with high energy and adrenaline. If you crave a more serene atmosphere, your crew can navigate to one of the quieter beaches for a relaxing interlude. Bask in the warm sands, savor freshly caught seafood, and prepare for an evening of vibrant cocktails on the deck of your luxury charter yacht.

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Day - 2

Day 2 - Sa Dragonera

Embark on the first full day of your Balearic tour, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Just off the west coast of Mallorca lies Sa Dragonera, an uninhabited islet designated as a natural park. With its virtually unspoiled landscapes, Sa Dragonera offers stunning views, particularly from its highest peak, Pico Popi at 360 meters. While the climb to the summit may not be suitable for everyone, even halfway up provides spectacular scenery.

The islet derives its name, Dragonera, from the abundance of lizards that once inhabited it. Presently, it remains home to numerous lizards and other indigenous creatures. Explore the island's history by visiting lighthouses and watchtowers that narrate its defense against pirates and maritime threats. For history enthusiasts, it's noteworthy that part of Agatha Christie’s "Evil Under The Sun" was filmed here.

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Day - 3

Day 3 & 4 - Pollença

On day three, much of your time is dedicated to a scenic cruise along the coastline towards Pollença.

The journey to Pollença unfolds against the captivating Serra de Tramuntana mountain, a stretch of peaks bordering the coastline with scenic forested landscapes. This picturesque setting provides ideal opportunities for holiday snapshots that are sure to spark envy on your Instagram account. Continuing along the mountain, you'll encounter the charming locale of Sa Calobra, nestled at the base of the peaks and accessible only by a winding road. Arriving by sea offers a unique chance to relish the tranquility of this undeniably pretty coastal corner in solitude.

In the Bay of Pollença, day three offers an afternoon of swimming and water sports. After anchoring overnight in the protected bay, day four beckons you to disembark and explore.

Upon stepping into the town of Pollença, the medieval ambiance becomes unmistakable. With many buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, Pollença exudes a charming allure that transports you back in time. This feeling is heightened as you ascend the numerous steps uphill to visit a small chapel at the summit. Another noteworthy site for religious history enthusiasts is the 13th-century church of Our Lady of the Angels, constructed by the Knights Templar.

If you still have energy after conquering the 365 steps of Cavalry, explore the Joan March Gardens and the intriguing Roman Bridge. Your time in Pollença wouldn’t be complete without a taste of Spanish cuisine. Instead of dining onboard your luxury charter yacht tonight, opt to stay ashore and relish traditional dishes accompanied by live music at one of the town's many restaurants.

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Day - 4

Day 5 - Ciutadella

On the fifth day of your Spanish voyage, you will arrive in Menorca.

Ciutadella, located in the westernmost part of Menorca, showcases a breathtaking view of traditional Spain. The enchanting cobbled streets provide a picturesque backdrop for a delightful morning of sampling locally crafted tapas and exploration. The town boasts exquisite stores offering charming souvenirs, and its cafes serve up the essence of Spain, accompanied by an ice-cold carafe of Sangria.

Alongside Ciutadella, day five of your luxury charter itinerary carves out time for a relaxing beach experience. Cala del Pilar, a tranquil haven away from mainstream tourist hustle and bustle, invites you to savor the rest of your day in peaceful solitude. The inviting golden sands set the scene for a delightful beach picnic. If you're in the mood for more activity, there's ample space on the water to unleash the water toys.

Should you seek respite from the warm Spanish sun, numerous secluded coves dot the coastline, providing shelter. Alternatively, make your way to a beachside bar, grab a refreshing drink, and relax.

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Day - 5

Day 6 - S'Albufera des Grau

Continuing toward Menorca's capital, Mahon, your next destination is truly exceptional.

Known locally as one of Menorca's natural wonders, this natural park stands out as one of the most visually captivating sights on your Balearic Islands tour. Despite their proximity to the main islands, the small islets comprising the nature reserve remain pristine and virtually untouched, offering a blissful day in paradise.

The beaches, nearly deserted and devoid of cruise line tourists, provide a sanctuary from which to admire the islets' beauty. Whether lounging on these luxurious golden shores or venturing inland to elevated terrains for a refreshing picnic with unparalleled views, seize the opportunity to capture holiday memories with sweeping panoramas.

The remainder of the day is yours to enjoy as you please. Revel in the peace, culminating the day with a barbecue.

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Day - 6

Day 7 - Mahon

Moving away from the idyllic setting at Parque Natural de s'Albufera des Grau, Menorca's capital invites you to a destination steeped in culture.

With one of the world's largest natural harbors, Mahon transitions you back into civilization while retaining the charm of the natural world. Take a stroll around the natural harbor, appreciating the beauty of this Menorcan corner before venturing into town for brunch.

If your shopping urges are tingling, you're in the perfect place. Countless stores and cafes, including exquisite shoe shops, await your exploration. While in the shopping district, don't forget to pick up locally produced sangria to savor at home, and enjoy live traditional music at one of the local bars.

Cap off your day in Mahon with more tapas and a tasting session featuring locally crafted drinks, including various gin varieties. Head back to your luxury charter yacht to rest after the cocktails, preparing for another day in the Balearics.

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Day - 7

Day 8 - Cala Ratjada

In the morning, the Captain will navigate back to the east coast of Mallorca.

Upon reaching Cala Ratjada, you'll find yourself fully recovered from the previous night, ready to relish some water and sunbathing activities. Take a stroll across the stunning white sandy beaches or bask in the warmth of the sand to absorb the sun's rays.

Your crew will choose a secluded spot along the coast, away from the usual tourist hubs, allowing you to once again delve into the toy locker for water-based fun. Some beaches are entirely inaccessible by land, providing you with ample space to indulge in a variety of water sports equipment.

Witness the sunset in a spectacular display of tangerine and cerise hues over the horizon.

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Day - 8

Day 9 - Calas de Mallorca

On your ultimate day aboard your luxury charter yacht, Calas de Mallorca combines a multitude of experiences for an unforgettable day.

Kick off the morning bright and early with a refreshing swim in the cool waters or don your snorkeling gear to explore the captivating underwater life. Sticking to the shallower depths, a must-see destination for the day is the Drach Caves. Featuring one of the world's largest underground lakes, this natural wonder is an essential site you won't want to overlook.

The rest of the day unfolds at your leisure, allowing you to craft your experience. Be sure to include a visit to the tapas bars, as they are among the most renowned eateries in the area, offering a delectable culinary experience.

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Day - 9

Day 10 - Palma

As the conclusion of your luxury charter yacht tour of the Balearics approaches, take a moment to explore Palma, the capital of Mallorca, and savor a final delightful round of Spanish tapas. Bid your last farewells aboard the yacht before making your way back to Palma airport, already contemplating and planning your next adventure on a private yacht charter.

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